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Changing Your Mindset Can Help Your Small Business

When a small business grows, the owner needs to grow too. What worked to get the business started may no longer be a best practice. Meanwhile, it may have become an entrenched habit.  Fear of Change. Most people fear change. Especially if things are going well, they hesitate to do things differently because they worryContinue reading “Changing Your Mindset Can Help Your Small Business”


Small Towns to Visit Throughout the United States

When it comes time for a vacation, consider visiting one of the many small towns scattered throughout the U.S. These small towns are often quaint, off the beaten path, and have more to offer than most tourists realize. Don’t overlook Bar Harbor, Maine, as a desirable vacation destination. Available accommodations include several cozy bed-and-breakfasts. TheContinue reading “Small Towns to Visit Throughout the United States”

Great Books to Consider as a New Leader in 2021

Leadership is never simple. Managing a team of people with different skill sets and personalities can pose real challenges. Orchestrating successful projects requires leadership skills that are gained with experience and by following advice. If you don’t know where to go for advice, there are many books written on the topic of leadership. These booksContinue reading “Great Books to Consider as a New Leader in 2021”