What to Look For When Hiring Employees

Hiring employees can be intimidating, especially if you are just starting out as a business. The slightest error in judgment can be an expensive mistake for your company and can mean substantial setbacks for your business’ growth. Fortunately, hiring employees is not rocket science, either. There are universal traits that you can use to efficiently screen job applicants. Here are three of them. 

Longevity and Commitment

Look for signs on an applicant’s resume that they stick around and don’t just jump ship after some time. Losing an employee can be expensive for a business. There is the cost of looking for a replacement and then providing onboarding support and training. A good way to gauge if a candidate has long-term potential is their list of certifications and courses are taken. An applicant with a graduate degree or a number of certifications may indicate a passion for the industry and professional growth. 


Look for employees who are enthusiastic about their profession or field. Their resumes are likely decorated with past internship roles and completed certification courses in a specific field. They might also talk about hobbies outside of work that can also be applied to their profession. Enthusiasm encourages an employee to actually contribute meaningful work to a company rather than just do the bare minimum tasks to earn a paycheck. 

Cultural Fit 

You want to bring onboard employees who fit the mission statement and values that your company champions. You want them to enjoy your work culture and contribute to it in a positive way. If you bring in technically skilled employees but do not represent the values and persona that your existing workforce has, it may lead to internal conflicts that affect the growth of your business.

Academic credentials shouldn’t just be the sole basis for making the final decision when hiring employees. Use the three metrics above to find the people who can help you grow your company. In addition, you can also put your new hires on a skills test wherein they can complete a task to illustrate their core competencies.

Hotels That Are Handling COVID-19 Well

The travel industry is one that has seen a constantly changing environment in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the hotel industry being no exception. Leading hotel brands have been forced to adapt, through better social distancing and cleaning policies to improved cancellation policies.

Which hotel chains have proven the best at adapting? Which chains have made guest safety a priority over their bottom line and been the most consumer-friendly?

Two major hotel brands have shown exemplary leadership, especially in booking and mask policies. Information on these chains and their policies follows.

Overall COVID-19 Handling

Hilton and Hyatt have ranked the highest overall, with Marriott a close second. Many brands changed their policies about masks in late July 2020. These brands have also continued to offer booking flexibility at a time when many other brands have scaled back flexible booking.

Health and Social Distancing Scores

These chains had specific policies that included:

Social distancing between guests in common areas

Room blocking policies in between guests or after staff cleaning

Mobile check-in and express check-out that eliminate or reduce contact

Mandatory staff mask policy

Mandatory guest mask policy even if not required by the state

Trained on-staff health coordinator or leader

Required staff health checks

Enhanced cleaning procedure policies

Despite being initially slow to adopt these policies, Hyatt has had a strong mask policy and trained health leaders. Hilton has also shown strong leadership in these areas.

Flexible Policies on Booking and Cancellations

When the pandemic first disrupted travel plans, some chains decided to offer flexibility by allowing guests to cancel or change their bookings without fees. Later, some chains would extend these policies to new bookings to encourage more travelers to book. In the summer of 2020, the virus’ seeming abatement led to chains rolling back these policies.

Hilton has managed to stay at the lead among the chains because of a change and cancellation policy that has remained generous during the pandemic.

In Summary

Similar criteria to the performance of airlines during the pandemic can help travelers make smart travel decisions. Many consider it essential for businesses like hotels to be held accountable for safety measures. Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton have performed well on safety protocols and flexibility.

How to Ensure Your Team Follows Your Lead

A lot of people think being a leader means asserting yourself and taking control of a situation, but that will only take you so far in the workplace. Instead of asserting your control over your employees, you need to ensure that they will follow your lead, which is more about working with them and earning their respect. Yes, an assertive personality will help you in the office, but following these tips will be much more useful.

Show Respect

In order to earn someone’s respect, you need to show respect for them. Treat all of your team member fairly, listen to them if they have suggestions or concerns, explain all of your decisions, and show that you trust them to do their jobs and make the right decisions. That goes much further than simply expecting your staff to do what you tell them because you’re in charge.

Lead By Example

Instead of just telling your employees what you expect of them, show them. You are just as much a member of the team as they are, and you need to be willing to put in just as much work. Your staff will respect you much more if you see yourself as one of them.

Take Responsibility For Your Team

As a leader, you need to take responsibility for your own team. If something goes wrong, own up to it yourself instead of throwing your team under the bus. Even if the mistake was made by just one person, you should still be ready to take responsibility for what happened. Don’t make an example out of that one person if any disciplinary action needs to be taken, either. Do what needs to be done behind closed doors and keep working as a team.

Keep in mind that the inverse applies as well. When everything works out well with a project, give credit to your team and show them that you appreciate their hard work.

Admit When You’re Wrong

Finally, you need to remember that you are only human and that you make mistakes. Some people think that this will undermine your authority, but it actually does the opposite. No matter what you say, your team will know when you mess up, and they will lose respect for you if you don’t own up to it or play it off as a success. If you’re willing to admit when things go wrong, your team will respect you enough to give you another chance and help you fix your mistakes.

What to know about entrepreneurship in 2022

If you have your eye on an entrepreneurial path in 2022, you can avoid some common mistakes by taking cues from successful entrepreneurs. For instance, the most important lesson all entrepreneurs teach is that you should pursue something that inspires you with passion. This is something you’ll be doing every day for many years to come. You can avoid burnout by making sure you’re doing something you love.

Look For Lending Alternatives

While a small business loan can help you launch your startup, it will also increase your business’ debts. You’ll be in a much better position if you start your business without borrowing. Try using your own disposable income to help you finance your business. You can also start a crowdfunding campaign to help you raise more of the capital you need. Another option is to look for investors who believe in your business.

Invest in the Hiring Process

Starting out, you should hire as few employees as possible to keep your operating costs down. Later, as your business grows, you can add more employees to the payroll. When you do fill a vacant position, keep in mind that your employees will be representing your brand. Look for skilled candidates with positive attitudes and energetic personalities. You’ll want your employees to engender trust and present a friendly demeanor when interacting with your customers.

Stay Dedicated

While it may seem as though established entrepreneurs find success right out of the gate, each one of them has gone through their own struggles. Everyone fails in the beginning. You should be equally prepared to fail and make mistakes before you see your business succeed. This can take several years, so you should look for ways to stay inspired and dedicated. If you can be persistent and learn from overcoming obstacles, you’ll be better prepared for success when it does come to you.

You should also take the opinions of others with a grain of salt. Even when you’re not intentionally seeking out insight from others, the people in your life will be happy to offer their advice. If you find the advice valid, follow it. However, be wary about letting their negativity influence you. Instead, keep your thoughts focused on your plans and the potential for success.

Travel Trends in 2022

Travelers are poised to go on epic adventures in 2022. After years of pandemic dictated lockdowns and closed borders, tourists are ready to venture out into the world again to satisfy their wanderlust. Although the general landscape has changed, with COVID vaccination and testing requirements constantly shifting from day to day and country to country, the desire to explore is real. This excitement is reflected in travel trends for 2022, which all reflect vacationers’ desires to go out and discover new people and places to fulfill their souls’ desires.

A major travel trend in 2022 is a willingness to splurge on extravagant vacations. After missing out on important life events such as weddings and family reunions, people are willing to spend vast amounts of money to enjoy fabulous trips. They want to make up for all the meaningful events that they have missed over the past two years. For some, this means taking the entire extended family to Disneyland for a week, and for others it means taking a six-month cruise around the world. It might translate to upgraded seats in the airplane or ocean-view suites at a tropical resort. Vacationers want to enjoy themselves, and they are willing to pay whatever the price may be to do so.

After being largely immobile and trapped in their homes for two years, travelers are ready to participate in new activities. They want the adrenaline rush that comes with doing new things and exploring new places. Some travelers want to participate in high-risk adventures, such as climbing Mt. Fuji or zip-lining through the Costa Rican jungle. Others want to go on a culinary journey through East Asia or immerse themselves in the culture of the Navajo Nation. The goal of this trend is to allow people to feel positive emotions again, and to transform the fear and anxiety of the pandemic into joy.

The final defining travel trend of 2022 is an overall commitment to wellness. Travelers want to be fully present during their vacations without outside distractions. Many of them will choose to leave their electronic devices at home, as well as stay off social media. They will spend more time in their destinations, allowing time for total rest and relaxation. People will endeavor to do absolutely nothing, and they will heal their minds and bodies as a result.

A Look into Prepping for a Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is something that anyone can do to get some physical activity and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. While you don’t need any special training, you should start out with short trips that will take you just a couple of hours to complete. This will give you the feel for carrying a backpack and help you adjust to the terrain. Additionally, there ware a few preparations you should make before taking a longer backpacking trip.

Plan Your Route

You should create a route before you head out on any backpacking trip. While a spontaneous hike may seem like fun, going unprepared could leave you lost for an extended period of time. It’s better to know where you’ll be hiking, so you can approximate how long it will take you to get to each point of interest. You should also know where you’ll be camping out. You may need permits to camp, so be sure to check into that as a precaution.

Pack the Necessities

When it comes to filling your backpack, you should make a list of necessary items to include. Your list should include first aid supplies, cooking and eating utensils, tents, flashlights, printed maps, flare gun, and extra clothes. You should also bring along plenty of canned goods, dry snacks, and water. If you plan to cook your meals, be sure you bring along a lighter and lighter fluid or a propane cooking range. Know what you’ll eat on your trip and how you’ll prepare that food, so you won’t be left in a difficult situation.

Don’t Go Alone

You should avoid going on any extended backpacking trip by yourself. If you can’t get at least one friend to go with you, it’s better to join another group that’s looking for participants. An extended backpacking trip requires living in the wilderness without access to modern amenities. If you’re alone and you get injured or lost, you won’t have any way to reach help. When you travel with others, there will be at least one other person to provide first aid or seek out help.

Be sure to leave your plans with a friend or relative. You’ll want to ensure they know where you’ll be backpacking and when you expect to get back. If something does happen that prevents you from returning home on time, your loved one will know where to send help.

How to Dress for Success in your Job

No matter what career path you choose for yourself, the way you dress will affect your ability to grow in that line of work. Appearance does matter and it can affect your ability to get hired or promoted. For that reason, it’s a good idea to learn how to use your appearance to have a positive effect on others.

General Dress Codes

Regardless of your gender, there are certain rules for professional dress that apply to everyone. This starts with keeping your style of dress within the realm of business casual. Avoid clothing that appears too formal, but also try not to wear the same clothes you might wear to the store or a nightclub. Keep your outfits well proportioned to your physique since clothing that’s too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable. Piercings should be removed and visible tattoos should be concealed as much as possible. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry or fragrances that are overpowering.

Additional Tips For Women

When you’re working or interviewing for a new position, you should always dress conservatively. This means ensuring dresses and skirts aren’t too short. Tops should also be conservative by avoiding a fit that’s too tight or too revealing. Don’t overdo your use of cosmetics. Try to maintain a natural look with limited use of blush, lipstick, and nail polish. Use clear or neutral colors. Wear low pumps that aren’t brightly colored to avoid being too distracting. If you carry a briefcase, leave your purse at home.

Additional Tips For Men

Suits and slacks should be worn in dark colors with lightly colored dress shirts for contrast. Ties should also be dark and should match the suit jacket. Dress socks (blue, grey, or black) should be worn with traditional laced dress shoes that are kept polished. Your shoes should match your belt. Hair should be kept short and facial hair should be kept trimmed or cleanly shaven. Avoid wearing jewelry other than a wedding band, tie clip, or cuff links.

While general rules for professional dress should be followed in most cases, you should also consider your chosen profession. For example, if you’re pursuing a career as a model, you may want to wear trendier clothes that don’t necessarily align with traditional standards. You can measure how these rules apply by looking at the outfits worn by established professionals in the same career field.

How to Stretch a Travel Budget

One of the most significant reasons keeping people from traveling is the expense. For people without a lot of disposable income, travel can seem out of reach. With some advanced planning and thoughtful budget practices, traveling becomes more accessible. These are some of the best ways to stretch a travel budget.


Prices in parts of a city with a high volume of tourists are generally more expensive than areas frequented by locals. An easy way to stretch a travel budget is to ditch the tourist scene and live as the locals do. Instead of eating downtown, travelers can try local cuisine further out in the city for cheaper. Even bars are more affordable outside of the tourist areas. A quick search on online forums or social media can help travelers discover what locals do and where to go.


 Many of the attractions while traveling can have high entry fees. This especially adds up when traveling as a family. Travelers can save money by avoiding the high-ticket attractions altogether. Free walking tours can provide history and insight into a new place without the charge of a guide, just a tip. If travelers cannot find a free walking tour in the town, they can walk around themselves. Public museums and outdoor attractions are often free or very cheap. Even public libraries can offer excellent architecture to see for free. Local tourist offices keep information on free attractions.


 Accommodation is a major travel expense, and decreasing this expense can make travel budgets stretch further. One option involves travelers reaching out to their networks to find contacts in their destination. Staying for free for a few nights at a friend’s or cousin’s home saves a lot of money. If this is not feasible, travelers can consider staying outside of major cities or in the suburbs. Especially in places with accessible public transit, it is easy to commute into the more expensive areas. Hotels near airports are also generally cheaper than hotels downtown. European travelers could look into hostels and bed and breakfasts for cheaper rates than hotels.

 Traveling is an experience that almost anyone can enjoy if done correctly. Creative alternatives help travelers slash their budgets while still enjoying their trip. These tips are simple ways to make travel more affordable.

The Travel Items You Actually Need

Traveling is a great way to unwind and escape the stresses of your daily life. Since you will be away from home for an extended period, you will need to pack a suitcase filled with essential items. One of the biggest travel mistakes you can make is packing way too much. This will only make the travel process more complicated than needed. These are the four items you do not need to bring on your trip.


Pillows may not be very heavy, but they still take up a lot of precious space in the suitcase. Pillows will be easily accessible during the trip, so there is no need to bring one home. The airline will supply small pillows to help you sleep on the plane. You also should not worry about having the perfect pillow at the hotel. If the pillows are a little too thin, then you can always request more for the room.

Extra Toiletries

Many travelers have a fear of running out of toiletries on the trip, so they pack way more than needed. Keep the bag light by bringing only what will be used on the trip. You can always go to a local store to get toothpaste or aspirin if you have enough. Over-packing is only necessary if you are going to be away from civilization for a long time.


Few things fill up a suitcase quicker than a pair of shoes. You can easily get through the whole trip with your shoes when you leave the house. Just make sure they are comfortable pairs of sneakers that can withstand long walks without hurting your feet. You do not have to change the itinerary because you did not pack the high heels or hiking boots.


Travel guidebooks are a great way to learn about a new area. These bulky books are great when planning the trip, but they need to stay at home. Take a picture with your phone of any vital information you do not want to forget. You can always use the internet at the hotel to look up anything you want to find during the trip.

Small Towns to Visit Throughout the United States

When it comes time for a vacation, consider visiting one of the many small towns scattered throughout the U.S. These small towns are often quaint, off the beaten path, and have more to offer than most tourists realize.

Don’t overlook Bar Harbor, Maine, as a desirable vacation destination. Available accommodations include several cozy bed-and-breakfasts. The vast majority of tourist friendly activities can be found outside. They include culinary, boat, and history tours. Many people that visit Bar Harbor do so because of its close proximity to Acadia National Park, an ideal spot for kayaking, hiking, and biking. And when it comes to the town’s cuisine, fresh seafood leads the culinary scene.

Telluride, Colorado is a small town suited for those who enjoy outdoor activities during the summer and the winter. Each summer sees many local cultural events and festivals. Popular activities during the summer include golfing, hiking, and biking. During the winter months the biggest attraction is the Mountain Village. With 2200 acres of terrain for skiing, the village is busy all winter long.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy a vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The city is known for its scenery, and attracts many visitors due to the location of Grand Teton National Park. The park is extremely conducive to activities like whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and paragliding. Visitors also make it a point to see the National Elk Refuge, where wild elk are often spotted.

Maybe the most well known small town in the U.S. is Lake Tahoe. Situated on the California-Nevada state lines, it is a hot spot for outdoor activities all year long. To many people, Lake Tahoe is synonymous with Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held. Other wintertime attractions include skiing at the Homewood Mountain Resort. During the summer the most popular attraction is the Kings Beach State Recreation Area.

Avid hikers often visit Sedona, Arizona for its hundreds of trails. Other attractions include high-end spas, countless wineries, and shopping at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

History buffs and beach bums visit St. Augustine, FL for its many attractions. These include the Salt Run lagoon, Colonial Quarter, St. George Street, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, and Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

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